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Iconoir is an open-source library with 1300+ unique SVG icons, designed on a 24x24 pixels grid. No premium icons, no email sign-up, no newsletters.

iconoir-react is an open source package that exports these icons as React.js components that can be used in all of your React projects.


npm i iconoir-reactyarn add iconoir-reactpnpm add iconoir-react


import React from 'react';
import { Iconoir } from 'iconoir-react';

const App = () => {
  return <Iconoir />;

export default App;

Icons can take any standard SVG properties as optional props, e.g.

<Iconoir color="red" height={36} width={36} />

Default values for the most common props are given below:

Prop nameDefault value


Tired of specifying the same props for every single icon, every time you use them? So were we. Use IconoirProvider to set the default icon props for everything inside IconoirProvider.

import { IconoirProvider, Check } from 'iconoir-react';

return (
      color: '#AAAAAA',
      strokeWidth: 1,
      width: '1em',
      height: '1em',
      <Check />

Icon names

The React components are named as PascalCase variations of their reference names (i.e. airplane-helix-45deg becomes AirplaneHelix45deg).

If you would like to use Iconoir on a different library or if you want to contribute to support a new library, open a feature request in our official GitHub repository.
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